At OIT Fitness, we believe a more comfortable life is a better life. We sell premium products to provide you the convenience of life. We keep updating our products and adding new products on a regular basis.

Since going through the pandemic and seeing the increase of people struggling with mental health, we have discussed the depths of grounding the reasoning of giving back. We would hope when meeting a certain amount of profit to be funding a mental-health campaign.

In months to come, we congratulate a member of OIT Fitness, that will take part in New York Fashion Week in 2023 in relation to mental health, thanks to Kelsey Zephyr.

We know that one of her aspirations has been being able to fund a mental-health campaign but had no clue on how to execute. Therefore, we have given her a platform to accomplish one of her goals. 

I wanted to break the boundaries of expanding inclusivity of sizes and body types, complimenting the body which would bring more comfort and happiness for customers.

I started exercising at a young age and noticed the power of being confident in the clothing you wear. I then decided it was time to bring out a line in which customers can produce their workout as well as carrying out their daily routine afterwards, whilst wearing fitness clothing. 

Our mission is to make our services the best in the world we’re constantly looking for more ways to innovate and improve. Small things matter so we took the time to pinpoint all the small issues. Then we worked until we reached total perfection.

We care so much about your happiness that we hired the nicest, most awesome human beings we could find to help with anything you need. Seriously, reach out. Even just to say hi, we are always here to help you.


OIT Fitness Team