Correctly Put On A Bra

If you wear hook backwards kind of bra then:-

  1. You may choose that bring your hook part in front part of your body on the stomach/waist below the breast then hook it up as per your need of tightness of boobs, then let the hooked part slide to back side of your body then strap it up on your shoulder then slightly move your cups upon your boobs and jiggle your boobs to be settled in correct position. And yeah ready to go.
  2. You may choose to strap on the frnt part of your bra on your boobs and shoulder then slightly bend down towards surface and hook it up directly in back and adjust your boobs in the cup to get settled in correct position.

If you choose front hook bra then it is slightly easier than back hook bra's becoz in these bra's you have to wear it like a normal shirt wear it from back side then hook it up from front and hook it up as hook is being given between breasts.

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